Market Research

Hendricks Drive has developed a signature approach to getting to know our clients. We have segmented a series of surveys to align with the industries we work with most often. Our goal is to constantly improve and refine our approach to serving you. We take our results, then translate them into a roadmap that you can either integrate with your internal staff, or further engage us to execute the recommendations based on our findings. Please sign up for our mailing list to experience case studies and learning opportunities at NO COST!


Fitness Industry

After working with Sweat Heros in Vacaville, we have proven our approach!!! We will help you understand your audience, then develop and execute your plan without any need to reinvent the wheel!

If you have spoken with one of our team members about our discovery experience, please click below to take this survey. You should have a password in your onboarding email.

Real Estate

Our approach to the real estate industry involves engaging your network, prospective customers, your online audience, family and friends in our process as we journey through the steps towards discovery.

Most areas of real estate that involve the direct consumer are VERY emotional and personal, so we have formulated our exercises accordingly.


Buddhist Churches of America

This is a special project that involves a series of surveys developed exclusively for the Buddhist Churches of America.

If you do not have a password to take these surveys, please contact Alicia Green at for access.





General Survey

General Survey

We have standardized a survey for those that are pretty confident about who they would like to target, but just need affirmation. In many cases, even in ours, we can make assumptions that just don't apply to you specifically.

Think of this as a second set of eyes that may discover something that you have not considered.